Große Häuser, kleine Häuser


Ausgezeichnete Architektur in Hessen 2018-2023

Every five years, the Association of German Architects in Hesse awards its regional architecture prizes. This is done in the form of plaques that are presented to the builders and architects of the awarded buildings, so they can prominently display them on their structures. In this way, the individuals responsible for the creation of outstanding buildings are honored, and, above all, high-quality architecture is recognized and discussed in the public sphere.

The 37 buildings presented in this catalog, which have been recognized by independent judging panels, confirm the diverse range of architecture today and its significance for all of us.

Christ.Christ. has received the Johann-Wilhelm-Lehr plaque for the residential building on Wiesbadener Landstraße, which is featured in this catalog.

Residential building Wiesbadener Landstraße

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Große Häuser, kleine Häuser


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Große Häuser, kleine Häuser


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