Residential Building and Daycare Centre Kastel-Housing Area

Mainz-Kastel, DE

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In order to set new standards in Wiesbaden's urban development, GWW developed a sustainable neighbourhood concept for the Kastel-Housing Area in Mainz-Kastel in cooperation with the city planning and environmental office.

New rental housing, office and commercial space, a day-care centre and a multi-storey car park are to be built on a total of four plots.


The proposed design corresponds in cubature to the planning specifications for construction site I. The north-western building boundary of construction site I deviates from the urban development framework plan due to the property conditions of the US property.

In connection with the future development after the withdrawal of the guest forces, the implementation of a point building in the north-east, adjacent to construction site I, is proposed from an urban planning perspective.


The 5-group daycare centre is located on the ground floor and around half of the first floor of the southern building. This is accessed via the main façade on the "Green Belt", while a secondary access for kitchen deliveries and kitchen waste disposal is located on the north-east façade.

All group rooms and the multi-purpose room are orientated towards the inner courtyard; the children can access the outdoor area directly from their rooms. For the groups on the first floor, this is via the wooden terrace and the open staircase.

The main access to the flats on the 1st to 4th floors is located in the immediate vicinity of the daycare centre entrance - in the sense of a communal encounter between children and the mainly senior citizens living above. The proximity of the two entrances to each other allows the lift to be used jointly by the flats and the daycare centre if necessary.

In order to promote the idea of a 'living centre', the ground floor of the L-shaped building structure will include commercial units and an office unit. The basic structure of these units is the same as that of the apartments above, making it very easy to convert them to residential use.


The layouts are efficient and economical, but always with a touch of sophistication: for example, the bulkheads of the day-care centre residential building have an unobstructed view of the green belt and the landscaped courtyard. The apartments in the vibrant centre have attractive loggias that reinforce the urban image from the outside. The apartments in the arcade wing of the L building are characterised by generous glazing and outdoor seating areas with vegetation filters across the green façade to the street.


The surfaces of the roofs are extensively greened in the area of the PV modules, and intensively greened and planted beyond that. Play troughs in the outdoor area of the day-care centre provide multifunctional retention areas on the site.

  • Location
    Mainz-Kastel | DE
  • Year
  • Typology
    Office / Administration Buildings, Residential Buildings, Educational Buildings
  • Status
    In Progress
  • Client
    GWW Wiesbadener Wohnbaugesellschaft mbH in coordination with the Wiesbaden Urban Planning Office and Environmental Agency
  • Procedure Type
  • Team
    Roger Christ I Julia Christ I David Lee Hunter I Caroline Krawczyk
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