Iconic Awards 2021

08 | 2021


ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Architecture, established by the German Design Council, is the first independent international architecture and design competition to take into account the interplay between the various disciplines. Awards are given to visionary buildings, innovative products and sustainable communication in all sectors of architecture, the construction and real estate business and the manufacturing industries. The focus is on holistic production and interaction between the trades in the context of architecture. – German Design Council

An independent and knowledgeable jury selects the winner of the ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Architecture. The jury is made up of representatives with backgrounds in architecture, interior design, design and brand communications.

• Michel Casertano, Atelier Brückner GmbH, Stuttgart
• Asif Khan, Asif Khan Ltd., London
• Silvia Olp, Verein zur Förderung von Architektur, Engineering & Design, Stuttgart
• Prof. Dr. Werner Sobek, Werner Sobek AG, Stuttgart
• Susanne Brandherm, brandherm + krumrey interior architecture, Köln
• Song Zhaoqing, Lacime Architects, Shanghai

Awarded by: German Design Council | Germany

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Residential building Wiesbadener Landstraße