ICONIC Award 2013

06 I 2013


’Slickness!’ was one of the first spontaneous statements made by the international jury regarding the design of the cube house. Emerging from the deconstruction of a large cube, the extraordinary object not only has all the functions of a house, it also satisfactorily resolved the relationship between outside and inside. As the floor level was removed, the cube is supported only by slender pillars. This area, which accommodates the living room and kitchen, is replaced by a space defined by sliding metal panels. On the second floor, the concrete is only perforated by a few openings, which direct the gaze to the rooms beyond. On the front side, three equally sized windows open up onto the pool; at the rear is a television room with a window. The third floor houses a walk-in wardrobe and bathroom, with a large opening providing light for the bedroom. Taking the shape of a parallel pipe subtracted from the cube, the study runs through the entire floor: a break visible from two sides. The garden serves as the ground on which the cube rests. Also worthy of mention: the successful combination between the formally clear architecture and fittings in a 1960s look.” – statement of the jury

Awarded by: German Design Council | Germany

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