Neue Neue

06 I 2012 - 01 I 2013


Mainz I Germany
Berlin I Germany
Frankfurt I Germany

“What does the young generation of BDA architects stand for? Around 40 architects who were qualified by the BDA over the last two years present a selection of their works at the exhibition ‘NEUE NEUE. BDA Appointments 2011 / 2012’.

The construction projects cover a range of buildings from private homes to residential and commercial buildings, schools, nurseries and even a polar station. The projects presented are all connected by their special design quality. This architectural understanding is highlighted by the aesthetic design of the exhibition – the small-scale models elucidate the design approach of the new members of the Association of German Architects (BDA) in a precise and expressive manner. The sculptural-looking plaster models were created using computer-aided modelling – so-called rapid prototyping. The exhibition was curated and organised by the working group of young BDA architects (AKJAA). The working group, which was founded in 1993 as a network for young architects, is devoted to theoretical discussions concerning architecture.”

Organisation: Association of German Architects

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