Urban planning concept Hermann-Löns-Siedlung

Wiesbaden, GER

Herrmann Loens Siedlung 10

The task consisted of developing a viable overall urban concept for the new Hermann-Löns estate as the basis for later inexpensive residential developments on the 2.6-hectare property.

Two building forms grouped around a new green middle, the centrally-located Hermann-Löns-Park, and orientated in parallel to the Schönaustraße, form the central design approach.

Within a building form, the structures stand “back to back” and form a common semi-public and traffic-free access road. The multiple-use and green-lined access roads open up at some sections to the park, and are connected with the Quartiersplatz (square) on the Hermann-Löns-Straße.

The apartments either retain their main orientation towards the park or the surrounding green areas. In total, a differentiated range of apartments comprising 280 family and senior citizen apartment units can be realised.

The building structure is derived from the neighbourhood around it. The integration into the southern terraced house development takes place through the graduation of the building heights and the longitudinal alignment of the building cubature. In the same way, the structure of the development with its different heights reflects the complex topography.

The stationary traffic is accommodated in underground garages below the building forms, and is connected directly to the building.

  • Location
    Wiesbaden | GER
  • Year
  • Typology
    Residential Buildings, Urban Design
  • Status
  • Client
    GWW Wiesbadener Wohnbaugesellschaft mbH
  • Floor Space
    25.380 m²
  • Living Space
    19.040 m²
  • Procedure Type
  • Number of Apartments
  • Number Of Parking Lots
  • Team
    Roger Christ I Sascha Daum
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Herrmann Loens Siedlung Wiesbaden 03
Herrmann Loens Siedlung Wiesbaden 04
Herrmann Loens Siedlung Wiesbaden 06
Herrmann Loens Siedlung Wiesbaden 05
Herrmann Loens Siedlung Wiesbaden 07
Herrmann Loens Siedlung Wiesbaden 08

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