Emergency house Vinzidorf

Graz, AT

Notwohnhaus Vinzidorf Graz 02

The Vinzidorf (village) was founded by Pfarrer Pucher (parish priest) in 1994 on the site of the parish church of St. Leonhard in Graz. On this property, located between the Home for the Blind and the St. Leonhard cemetery, forty formerly homeless men have established themselves in discarded construction site containers.

Since December 1998, four new residential units have been erected at the western edge of the village. These were created during the course of a competition conducted in March 1998.

The aim of the competition was to announce an architectural stance towards homes for the poor: a draft for a modular home concept for those in need which should exhibit high levels of flexibility and variability using minimal resources.

This draft for a home for people in need fills the gap between sheet metal containers and conventional social residential buildings. The possibilities for use range from the creation of temporary emergency accommodation, to single-family homes and right up to residential constructions. The homes for those in need are adapted to a basic living situation, but rise above these elementary living requirements using minimal resources to create an appropriate place to live.

All the wall elements (walls, doors, windows) have identical dimensions and can be offset or swapped around as required within a grid of 1.20 m. They do not take on any static functions. The house units can be arranged one on top of the other almost at will within the 1.20 m grid. Subject to the use of additional supports, the modules can be stacked one on top of each other. The diverse possibilities of the layout arrangements generate areas with different qualities: open areas, semi-public, semi-private and private zones.

In the specific case of the Vinzidorf in Graz, a modular system of eight homes for those in need were suggested in a two-floor layout. Four of these units were realised.

  • Location
    Graz | AT
  • Year
  • Typology
    Residential Buildings
  • Status
  • Location
    Vinzidorf I Graz I Austria
  • Procedure Type
    Competition I 1st Prize
  • Verfahrensart
    Offener Wettbewerb I 1. Preis
  • Work Phases
  • Effectice Area (per unit)
    10 m²
  • Photography
    Peter Eder I Graz
  • Team
    Roger Christ
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Notwohnhaus Vinzidorf Graz 05
Notwohnhaus Vinzidorf Graz 06
Notwohnhaus Vinzidorf Graz 08
Notwohnhaus Vinzidorf Graz 09
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