Revitalization study for the company premises | Abbott GmbH & Co. KG

Wiesbaden, GER

Revitalisierungskonzept Abbott Wiesbaden 10

Since 1979 and up until today, diverse administration, laboratory, warehouse and production buildings have been erected on the 11-hectare company site in Wiesbaden-Delkenheim.

The quality standard of the individual buildings has been reduced through internal and external influences over the course of their lifetimes – specifically through material wear on building parts, through changes to the user requirements and through technological developments. Therefore, the buildings and their individual components are subjected to regular maintenance and repair cycles.

Christ.Christ. was commissioned to conduct a revitalisation study in order to detect all major technical and optical defects on the existing buildings and outside installations, and to determine repair objectives.

The basic objective was to repair and maintain the entire company site with its associated buildings and outside installations so that it fulfilled, in its significance, quality, uniformity and outward appearance, the standards and sense of responsibility of a globally-active group.

Individual measures are shown as examples.

  • Location
    Wiesbaden | GER
  • Year
  • Typology
    Office / Administration Buildings
  • Status
  • Location
    Max-Planck-Ring I Berta-Cramer-Ring I 65205 Wiesbaden Delkenheim I Germany
  • Client
    Abbott GmbH & Co. KG
  • Total Area Premises
    11 ha
  • Estimated Costs Overall Measure
    6.950.000 € net
  • Procedure Type
    Direct Commission
  • Team
    Roger Christ I Julia Christ (Project Manager) I Laura Lehmacher
Revitalisierungskonzept Abbott Wiesbaden 06
Revitalisierungskonzept Abbott Wiesbaden 05
Revitalisierungskonzept Abbott Wiesbaden 07
Revitalisierungskonzept Abbott Wiesbaden 09
Revitalisierungskonzept Abbott Wiesbaden 08

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