Seiko Boutique Hamburg

Hamburg, GER

Seiko Boutique Hamburg 01

After the great success of Germany's first Seiko Boutique in Frankfurt, a second boutique was opened in Hamburg in 2017.

Once again, Christ.Christ., in close collaboration with Seiko, was able to develop a tailored store concept and to integrate it over an area of 120 m² into the listed building on the centrally-located Gänsemarkt.

The exhibition and sales areas are all located on the ground floor, which has been raised above street level. In spite of the differences in level, the transparent and open effect of the display window installation and the sophisticated interior lighting generates an inviting atmosphere and facilitates the view from outside deep into the 20 m-long sales room.

Due to the sensitive coordination of the selected materials and their processing, and the high-quality presentation of the timepieces, an emotional connection is produced between the customer, the product and the brand.

In order to round off and perfect the service, a service workshop for two in-house watchmakers was also set up in Hamburg.

  • Location
    Hamburg | GER
  • Year
  • Typology
    Retail / Exhibition Buildings
  • Status
  • Location
    Gänsemarkt 30-31 I 20354 Hamburg I Germany
  • Client
    Seiko Deutschland Branch of Seiko Ltd. I Siemensring 44m I 47877 Willich I Germany
  • Effective Area
    135 m²
  • Construction Costs
    480.000 € net (type of costs 300 + 400)
  • Procedure Type
    Direct Commission
  • Work Phases
  • Team
    Roger Christ I Julia Christ (Project Manager) | Tendering and site management was done by our colleagues from "grad architektur und design" in Hamburg.
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