Administrative headquarters | Süwag Netzservice GmbH

Hofheim - Marxheim, GER

Hauptverwaltung Suewag Hofheim 02

Due to the “meandering” shape of the three-storey building, a compact building with short path routes is achieved whilst maintaining the good illumination of the offices and consistently attractive views.

Halls, courtyards and “suspended gardens” structure the building along its length, and the differentiation of the facade structure makes it look different and interesting on the outside. In addition, manifold areas have been created for users inside the building, and the natural light has been guided deep into the rooms.

The building has basically been planned in accordance with the principle that phases of intensive work in the office require phases of intensive relaxation. The “suspended garden” and communication areas in the halls provide the ideal prerequisites for this purpose.

The office building is entered via a three-storey entrance hall. Five necessary access cores positioned at the courtyards, halls and “suspended gardens” provide inner access. Because the ground floor is recessed in comparison to the storeys lying above it, the staircases feature a direct exit into the open air.

In addition, this recessed ground floor provides a circumferential arcade path, which allows the construction of a protected, covered terrace in the area of the company restaurant, a canopy over the entrances and, in general, an intimate and secure atmosphere.

  • Location
    Hofheim - Marxheim | GER
  • Year
  • Typology
    Office / Administration Buildings
  • Status
  • Client
    Süwag Energie AG
  • Floor Area
    11.100 m²
  • Procedure Type
    Direct Commission
  • Work Phases
  • Team
    Roger Christ I Julia Christ
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