Planai end station

Schladming, AT

Zielstation Planai Schladming 02

The task was to plan the Planai end station as a modern service facility in accordance with future requirements for the transportation of skiing guests, essentially functioning accesses and descents, a sufficient number of parking spaces, central cash desks and waiting areas, high-quality sanitary systems and high-performance means of transport, as well as additional service facilities such as a ski depot, one-stop shop, gastronomy and tourist information.

In addition, the end station should fulfil all the requirements of a modern venue for large sporting events.

The building is structured with a transparent, glazed ground floor, on which a system of ramp-like bodies is suspended. The development is interwoven with the valley and the mountain via these ramps and bridges. A dynamically-flowing structure is generated, which facilitates a multitude of differentiated spatial experiences.

A ski ramp for those repeatedly riding up and down leads from the mountain directly to the level of the gondola entrance and exit point, after which the ramp leads past the Bistro and down into the underground garage. In this way, skiers can ride from the mountain right down into the underground garage without having to unbuckle their skis.


The finish line is clearly delineated through the arena, and is enclosed by it. The mountain doesn’t run down into emptiness, but rather has a counterpart. The arena envelopes the athletes and audience, and creates a clearly defined outside area.

  • Location
    Schladming | AT
  • Year
  • Typology
    Transport / Infrastructure
  • Status
  • Awarding Authorities
    Planai & Hochwurzen Bahnen GmbH
  • Procedure Type
    International Open Competition
  • Team
    Roger Christ I Wolfgang Reicht
Zielstation Planai Schladming 04
Zielstation Planai Schladming 05