Sunken Landscape Design

04 I 2013

House S

„Given the population explosion and the decrease in land area per capita in China, sunken landscape, which can maximize green landscape in a limited space with skillful application of elevation difference, has been increasingly popular among domestic designers and the public.

At present, there are just a few books about certain factor of garden design in the domestic market since most of books about this field lay emphasis on the design of an entire garden. Worse still, few books on the design and application of sunken landscape have ever been published. As a garden design-oriented brochure, this book aims to provide landscape designers with design reference to sunken landscape projects and teach them how to create sunken landscape in commercial, public and residential space so that they can integrate small-scale garden landscape with different architectural space and achieve the greatest aesthetical and practical effect.” - Phoenix Publishing

Christ.Christ. ist mit dem Haus S in der Veröffentlichung "Sunken Landscape Design" vertreten.

Phoenix Publishing I 2013 I 21,6 x 27 cm I 280 Seiten I Englisch I Chinesisch I ISBN 978-988-16529-7-3

Haus S

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